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Stop Remote Diagnosing
Start Predicting Downtime

Predict Charging system issues

Know when your batteries, APU's and electrical problems will prevent your trucks from moving.

Predict emission system issues

Predict emission related problems before they interrupt your operations.

We challenge you to change tools instead of changing lanes.

Start Predicting

Connect Preteckt into any truck. Preteckt is a networked service that logs your truck's sensors every second it is on the road. We alert you to anomalies that indicate early signs of failure weeks or even months in advance. So don't settle for remote diagnostics and wait for a check engine light to happen to interrupt your service. Predict it.

Preteckt is self-learning

Trucks on our network learn from each other. We recognize the symptoms that indicate when failures are going to occur over the entire network using Preteckt's advanced patent pending technology. 


Preteckt's smarter dashboard, lets you view at a glance which truck is right for the job and which needs servicing. Then follow up with Preteckt's real-time data viewer. No more struggle of getting feedback from the driver.

 Equip your fleet today.

Tech specs


Preteckt works with 2010 or newer class 8 trucks using  the J1939 standard.

Cloud Based Network

Preteckt runs on its own cloud network. Your unit also receives updates using the cloud.

Cellular Coverage

Runs on one of the largest digital wireless data networks in America.


Comes with 8Gb of memory. 


2 minutes. Preteckt is plug & play and connects to the diaognostic port, it auto-configures your truck to the network. No tools needed. You will see data on your dashboard within 7 days. 

Remote diagnostics works by notifing you once a problem has already happened. Preteckt notifies you before it happens ,weeks in advance. Thats the Preteckt difference.

There is no minimum to order Preteckt. You can use it on a fleet as small as 20 trucks. 

Preteckt works on Class 8 trucks 2010 and newer. 

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