Be informed days, weeks, even months in advance before your truck experiences a problem or breakdown.


Preteckt is self-learning

Trucks on our network learn from each other by sharing and comparing early symptoms of failure. When one truck on our network experiences a maintenance issue, it trains the rest of the trucks on our network to recognize the symptoms that predict that failure.

Cloud-based analysis + machine learning allows you to compare the make and model of a truck against all other trucks of the same make and model on our network. 

A dashboard with brains 

Preteckt's smart dashboard lets you view at a glance which truck is right for the job, and which needs servicing. Then follow up with Preteckt's real-time data viewer. No more struggling to get feedback from the driver.

Preteckt Connections

  • J1939 Connector (included)
  • Y-cable splice
  • T-taps to avoid cable splice
  • Neutral Design for Non-Interference
  • Compatibile with Class 8 vehicles - Model Years 2010 or Newer *Model Years 2005-2009 (please contact)

Expert Mechanic

Our expert mechanics review every one of your predictions before we send them out to you.

Predict Charging system issues

  • Alternator undercharging
  • Batteries that are nearing the end of life
  • Electrical connection failure
  • Auxilary Power Units (APU)
  • Sensor failure

Predict Emission System Issues

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Regeneration
  • Dosing amounts
  • NOx levels

Preteckt Unit


Cloud Based Network

Cloud updates improve your Preteckt unit even after it's installed.


Cellular Coverage

Runs on one of the largest digital wireless data networks in America.



Enough to keep all of your sensor data for the life of your vehicle. 

The Preteckt Value

A breakdown could cost you upwards of $3,000.00 annually and that’s just assuming one truck breaks down within the year. Instead, remove the assumption and invest in the security of knowing your fleet with Preteckt installed will be running.
This is the future of maintenance. So, be one of the early adopters before your competitors do and have an advantage over you.


Preteckt has been a great company to work with. They have been very responsive in developing new features to improve our experience. I believe their technology will change the way maintenance is handled in the future.

— Glen McDonald
Director of Maintenance | OZARK MOTOR LINES

We were fortunate to have caught an issue of this nature quickly as it could have led to the diesel exhaust fluid gelling inside the tank. Preteckt's system saved us up to 12 hours of shop time and a towing bill.

— Aaron McLeod
Regional Fleet Assistant Manager - Central Canada | PUROLATOR

Being able to see the sensor history is huge. I can now troubleshoot a truck before it hits the shop, and follow up on repairs after it leaves.

— Brian Oudenhoven
Mentor Technician | MASTERFLEET

Customer Experiences

We recently predicted a DPF pump problem - One of our customers received an alert and pulled their power unit in. Sure enough there was about to be an issue with the DPF pump. They fixed the pump before there was any serious damage or down time. Preteckt was able to save the company a costly breakdown.

About Us

Preteckt is a tech company that launched in 2014 out of Memphis, Tennessee. The company was created to bring advances in data science and machine learning to the trucking industry. Preteckt’s core values are to always be learning and to do right by our customer. We commit to all our customers that they will get value from working with us, and that we will work to always be improving that value over time.

Preteckt’s product is an innovative hardware and software solution that uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to predict vehicle breakdowns weeks in advance. This allows our customers to predict maintenance and service needs before they occur, reduce the number of on-the-road breakdowns, order the correct parts in advance, and schedule maintenance and service in a more convenient and time-saving manner.

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