Cloud-based analysis + machine learning allows trucks on the Preteckt network learn from each other by sharing and comparing early symptoms of failure. When one truck experiences a maintenance issue, it trains the rest of the trucks on our network to recognize the symptoms that predict that failure.

Dashboard with Brains

Preteckt’s smart dashboard lets you view at a glance which truck is right for the job, and which needs servicing. Then follow up with Preteckt’s real-time data viewer. No more struggling to get feedback from the driver.

Preteckt Connectors

J1939 Connector (included)
T-taps to avoid cable splice
*Compatible with vehicles with a J1939 connector - Model Years 2010 or Newer; Model Years 2005-2009, please contact

Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Preteckt’s fuel efficiency gives feedback to improve fuel usage through vehicle and driver data.

Data Viewer

The Preteckt system provides you with data points from thousands of sensors at subsecond speeds. After going through the learning algorithms, the Preteckt Data Viewer provides all the information about your trucks, right at your fingertips.


Coming Soon!

Learn how Preteckt's predictive technology keeps your trucks on the road.

Preteckt Unit

Preteckt Unit
  • Cloud Based Network

    Cloud updates improve your Preteckt unit even after it's installed.

  • Cellular Coverage

    Runs on one of the largest digital wireless data networks in America.

  • Memory

    Enough to keep all of your sensor data for the life of your vehicle.

Predictive Maintenance

monitors an asset's efficiency and wear based on data collected. the data is sent through predictive algorithms to discover trends and identify when an asset will need to be repaired or retired.

Preventive Maintenance

involves regularly performed, planned tasks that are scheduled based on either time passed or meter triggers.


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