What if we were able to alert you days, weeks in advance that one of your class 8 vehicles were going to experience problems or even a potential break down? Would this be helpful?

Well, Preteckt does exactly that!

Predict emission system issues

Predict emission related problems before they interrupt your operations.

Predict Charging system issues

Know when batteries, APUs, or other electrical problems will prevent your trucks from moving.


Start Predicting

Connect Preteckt into any truck. Preteckt is a networked service that logs your truck's sensors every second it is on the road. We alert you to anomalies that indicate early signs of failure weeks or even months in advance. So don't settle for remote diagnostics that wait for a check engine light to happen. Predict it and prevent service interruptions.

Preteckt is self-learning

Trucks on our network learn from each other. When one truck on our network experiences a maintenance issue, it trains the rest of the trucks on our network to recognize the symptoms that predict that failure. 

A dashboard with brains 

Preteckt's smart dashboard lets you view at a glance which truck is right for the job, and which needs servicing. Then follow up with Preteckt's real-time data viewer. No more struggling to get feedback from the driver.

Preteckt Unit


Class 8 vehicles - Model Years 2010 or Newer = 100% compatibility
*Class 8 vehicles - Model Years 2005 - 2009 (please contact)

Cloud Based Network

Cloud updates improve your Preteckt unit even after it's installed.

Cellular Coverage

Runs on one of the largest digital wireless data networks in America.


Enough to keep all of your sensor data for the life of your vehicle. 


Preteckt has been a great company to work with. They have been very responsive in developing new features to improve our experience. I believe their technology will change the way maintenance is handled in the future.

— Glen McDonald
Director of Maintenance | OZARK MOTOR LINES

We were fortunate to have caught an issue of this nature quickly as it could have led to the diesel exhaust fluid gelling inside the tank. Preteckt's system saved us up to 12 hours of shop time and a towing bill.

— Aaron McLeod
Regional Fleet Assistant Manager - Central Canada | PUROLATOR

Being able to see the sensor history is huge. I can now troubleshoot a truck before it hits the shop, and follow up on repairs after it leaves.

— Brian Oudenhoven
Mentor Technician | MASTERFLEET

Customer Experiences

We recently predicted a DPF pump problem - One of our customers received an alert and pulled their power unit in. Sure enough there was about to be an issue with the DPF pump. They fixed the pump before there was any serious damage or down time. Preteckt was able to save the company a costly breakdown.

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