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Remote diagnostics works by notifing you once a problem has already happened. Preteckt notifies you before it happens, weeks in advance. Thats the Preteckt difference.
Class 8 vehicles - Model Years 2010 or Newer = 100% compatibility
*Class 8 vehicles - Model Years 2005 - 2009 (please contact)
Yes. We include a 9-pin J1939 connector.
Three options:
1. Use included 9-pin J1939 connector
2. Use T-caps to connect without cutting wires
3. Splice into the J-Bus
No. The unit has a neutral design for non-interference.
2 minutes. Preteckt is plug & play and connects to the diagnostic port, it auto-configures your truck to the network. No tools needed. You will see data on your dashboard in 7 days or sooner. 
The Preteckt device has been designed to sense when the truck is in operation. When the truck is not in operation, the unit goes into a low-power sleep mode that monitors the battery voltage while drawing less than 10 mA of current. The Preteckt unit will warn you when other devices are causing your battery to drain in a way that may cause downtime, but is designed to be worry free.
No worries about memory storage. You have enough memory to store all of your sensor data for the life of your truck.
Data is stored until you get back to a cell connection. Then all of that data is uploaded to our cloud. You don't lose data. The Preteckt unit has enough on-board storage to allow you to spend a month driving in circles around soybean fields in South Dakota. Your data will be waiting for you as soon as you get back on the grid.
There is no minimum order. We work with any size of fleet.

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