Predictive Maintenance

I Wish My Car Had Predictive Maintenance Technology

What value does Predictive Maintenance really offer? There are many skeptics who believe it’s just smoke and mirrors. Allow me, a guy who knows nothing about technology, to tell you why I wish I had predictive maintenance on my car. Growing up, we always had clunkers or junkers, whichever you prefer to call them, but these were old cars that broke down all the time. I had to learn early how to change tires, brakes, spark plugs, batteries, and even certain hoses.

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Industry 4.0, Context Is King

Preteckt CEO and Co-founder Ken Sills, recently wrote about Industry 4.0 on LinkedIn. It’s a well written piece on how machine learning (ML) and predictive maintenance (PdM) are actually already all around us. Here is a preview… Your heart rate and blood pressure depend on so many factors, but those factors are measurable. And these days, with essentially free data storage and compute capacity, there is every reason to be building a deep context using every measurement possible.

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We Do Predictive Maintenance Here!

“Explaining the difference between predictive and preventative maintenance to our customers can be a tough sell, but once I actually show them the raw data that is happening in real time, they get it.” says Jason Kyles, Customer Success Representative with Preteckt Inc. The raw data that Jason is referring to comes from the Preteckt device that connects to our customers’ big trucks and buses. It alerts them to future breakdowns using a device that we specially designed to deliver loads of truck sensor data to our scientists and engineers in real-time.

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