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Vehicle Maintenance 3.0

AI & Remote Diagnostics: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Kit

Vehicle Maintenance Challenges Today Preteckt’s AI Solution
Massive shortage of technicians
  • Tele-diagnostics
  • Identification of root causes
  • Provision of tailored repair plans
Increasing vehicle complexity. New
Electric, Hydrogen, & Autonomous technologies
  • Simplification of maintenance
  • Representation learning that accommodates all model years and vehicle types
  • R&D for electric, hydrogen, & autonomous vehicles
Pressure to increase safety
  • Real-time breakdown alerts to dispatchers, maintainers, OEMs
  • Early identification of issues before they become critical
  • Demonstrated reduction in road calls
Need to reduce maintenance costs
  • Timely maintenance leads to less extensive repairs
  • Better spare parts ratio
  • Greater efficiency: More vehicles are maintained with the same number of technicians
Greener Maintenance
  • Early identification of emissions/charging issues: Repairing aftertreatment systems before they fail
  • Data driven replacement insights: Greater parts & vehicles lifespan
  • Insights & timely maintenance that improves milleage
Future of Work
  • Uses the latest real-time approach to AI
  • Remote Diagnostics & Repair Plan support technicians
  • Capability to adapt rapid technological change and transfer knowledge directly to technicians via existing workflows

Benefits of the Preteckt Solution

Greater Vehicle Availability / Reliability / Decrease Costs / Increase Safety / Reduce ESGs / Prepare for the Future of Work

More Vehicles More Available

Identifying vehicle component failure before they fail or lead to vehicle breakdown results in less time in the garage and more time in service.

Preteckt predicts a component failure before it leads to a larger failure, provides a root cause and a tailored repair plan. Based on near continuous collecting of raw senor data, analysis of big and deep data across different components we are able to identify the root cause.