New features in the Preteckt Dashboard

By Brad Montgomery | May 31, 2017

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since Preteckt wrapped up 500 Startups, and the engineering team has been hard at work to provide a high-quality, user-friendly dashboard for your data.

A New Look

Among the new features that we’ve recently pushed to production is a fresh new look that better supports multiple browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge, as well as mobile browsers. We still give you tools to search for your trucks, and filter any alerts on your dashboard, so you can still quickly find what you need to diagnose.

Notes on Alerts

You can now save notes when clicking on any alert. This handy tool allows you to keep track of important information related to the data in a dashboard alert. Additionally, you may occasionally see feedback from Preteckt mechanics to help you identify the cause of certain alerts along with a potential repair action.

We’ve received so much interesting feedback on our Data Viewer, but one of the things we’ve consistently hear is that the number of sensors available sometimes makes this a noisy product. Our challenge, then, has been to help you find only the data that’s relevant for the task at hand.

Armed with that feedback, we’re happy to announce that you can now click directly from a Truck’s diagnostic page into the Data Viewer, and all the active codes will be pre-populated so you can quickly look at the most relevant information in a time-frame that makes sense.

The Data Viewer Timeline

To support better diagnostic capabilties within the Data Viewer, we’ve also included a timeline of active fault codes beneath the plot of real-time data. It’s our hope that you can now identify problems more quickly armed with this information, and get your trucks back on the road.

We also did a fair amount of work to optimize the Data Viewer so it’s faster in a wider range of browsers.

Demo Account Registration

Finally, you can now sign up for a demo account. Doing so will give you a small set of sample data, so you can see what sort tools we offer. If you want to check out the dashboard, the alerts we generate, and the data viewer, then take our tour to evaluate Preteckt for your fleet.