Preteckt Can Help You Get Ready for Brake Safety Day Sept. 7, 2017

By Jason Kyles | June 30, 2017

Commercial vehicle inspectors across North America will key in on brake safety on Sept. 7 for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Brake Safety Day. Inspectors will be looking for out-of-adjustment brakes, along with brake system and antilock braking system violations. CVSA says the goal of Brake Safety Day is to cut down on crashes caused by poorly maintained brakes. Brakes violations make up the largest percentage of out-of-service violations, CVSA says, representing 45.7 percent of all OOS violations during 2016’s International Roadcheck campaign.

Preteckt has a predefined list of ABS sensors for your review to help ensure your ABS system is compliant not only for Brake Safety Day, but keeping your brakes safe everyday. Want to see a Demo? Take a tour!

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