We Do Predictive Maintenance Here!

By The Preteckt Team | November 2, 2017

“Explaining the difference between predictive and preventative maintenance to our customers can be a tough sell, but once I actually show them the raw data that is happening in real time, they get it.” says Jason Kyles, Customer Success Representative with Preteckt Inc.

The raw data that Jason is referring to comes from the Preteckt device that connects to our customers’ big trucks and buses. It alerts them to future breakdowns using a device that we specially designed to deliver loads of truck sensor data to our scientists and engineers in real-time. Preteckt’s data science team and engineers work with Preteckt’s expert mechanics to turn this huge amount of data into easy-to-understand maintenance alerts that can arrive weeks before the OEM Diagnostic Trouble Codes signals immediate trouble.

It’s NOT preventative maintenance technology. It doesn’t give fleet managers advice that reduces the chances of a breakdown on an average truck in an average fleet, it using data science and machine learning to PREDICT which parts of your specific vehicle will be causing downtime in the next few weeks.

What’s the difference between preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is the care and servicing of equipment for maintenance and satisfactory operating condition by inspection, detection, and corrective measures.
Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a set of tasks or techniques designed to determine the condition of in-service functioning equipment to determine how it performs and predict when a failure on that specific vehicle will occur.

To simplify it a bit more, just think of all the things we do to prevent our cars from breaking down. We get oil changes every 3,500 miles, we buy new tires and get them balanced and rotated, and we take our vehicles in for routine maintenance. None of those things are guaranteed to stop the vehicle from breakdown, yet we do them anyway.

Jeremy French, Diesel Cyber Engineer says, “Preteckt offers holistic view of the diagnostics versus a snapshot of what the vehicle is doing. When I see an alert, I can dig into all of the sensors for that truck for the weeks and months before problems started. That much data would be overwhelming, but the machine learning behind the alerts helps me to focus my attention on the important data, and the important problems.”

As the technology captures and records the data, Preteckt developers and data science teams create reliable decisions and results to uncover hidden insights and trends.

Lead Hardware Developer, Richard Billings says of predictive maintenance, “it is a constant diagnostic approach that looks for markers of future problems. We see a similar approach with fitness trackers discovering heart problems and health issues before they physically present themselves. Preventative Maintenance for people is the equivalent of telling everyone to lose ten pounds because they’ll be healthier. That kind of advice is true for the average person. Predictive Maintenance for people would be like telling you that your heart has been skipping beats more and more over the last few weeks, and you need to see a doctor about it.”

Our customers simply want to find best solution to keep their trucks on the road and not the side of the road or in the shop. For truckers and fleet managers downtime is one of the most costly setbacks they experience each year. The truckers aren’t being paid and the fleet managers risk violating crucial on-time delivery service agreements.

“For us it is all about developing cutting-edge technology that helps to reduce the stress associated with keeping trucks on the road”, says CEO Ken Sills, “We do a victory dance every time a customer reaches out to tell us that our predictions saved them money. For us, that’s the big win.”