Dashboard Conversations

By Brad Montgomery | November 6, 2017

We’re happy to announce a new feature that we’re calling Dashboard Conversations. Alerts on the Preteckt dashboard have included notes from Jeremy, our Master Cyber Mechanic, for a while now.

Many of you have have seen his comments that help remotely diagnose problems before they become costly breakdowns, and several of you have used this feature to engage in valuable conversations. Unfortunately, the original version of this feature made conversations somewhat difficult, and you let us know. We’ve taken your feedback to heart.

Moving conversations front-and-center

This latest update to the Preteckt dashboard revises the layout of content, so it makes better use of screen real estate. This in turn allows us to dedicate more space to include those valuable notes alongside your list of alerts.

Screenshot of notes on the dashboard

With this update, you can now:

  • View a list of relevant notes right on the home page.
  • View a longer list of notes by expanding the Read More button.
  • Add your own notes with a single click.

We hope this change helps you to more quickly identify issues before they sideline your trucks.

Try it out

If you’re a current customer, there’s nothing new you need to do. Just log into your dashboard, and you’ll immediately see this update. If you’re not a current customer, but you’d like to learn how Preteckt can prevent costly breakdowns in your fleet of trucks or busses, check out our product tour, or get in touch to schedule a product demo.