Maintenance & Autonomous Vehicles

By The Preteckt Team | November 8, 2017

Earlier this year Preteckt COO & Cofounder, Sasha Kucharczyk wrote an article for about the major problems with autonomous vehicles. In the piece he breaks down 2 issues and then goes on to explain the role of artificial intelligence in predicting maintenance.

Here is a snippet.

“The new AI for maintenance

The concept of predicting breakdowns is nothing new. People have been using statistics for decades to calculate mean-time-to-failure – it is how the automotive industry came up with replacing parts based on number of miles driven. However, the ‘mean-time’ means that some parts repaired will have significant useful life yet and others will break before you get around to fixing them. AI allows something to be done that was unfeasible in the past – actively monitor every vehicle while it is in use.”

Read the entire article, “How will maintenance change with the autonomous vehicle?”