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Preteckt supports the highest requirements for vehicle availability, readiness and safety – anywhere in the world. 

AI solutions that support maintenance teams wherever they may be.

Transportation and a high degree of mobility –the ability to deploy immediately and universally– is key to all defense forces.

Readily available, dependable equipment is mission critical.

Defense vehicles operate under some of the most stressful conditions on earth, making thorough on-point maintenance essential.  

Remote AI-Driven expertise is provided with tele-maintenance tools.

Preteckt’s AI experience will work with Defense R&D and complement efforts to empower Maintainer Soldiers and increase Vehicle Readiness.

Preteckt’s leadership and innovation in Condition-Based Maintenance is demonstrated in selection as a SBIR partner.

Better Logistics with Commercialized AI for Maintenance Support

Preteckt has worked with global transportation partners and clients to commercialize it’s proven unique approach to AI-supported predictive maintenance. We have demonstrated that.

We predict failures before they happen to increase vehicle availability, utilize labor resources more effectively, and increase safety, while empowering maintainers to fix it right the first time. 

Defense organizations have detailed and complex procurement standards and our solutions support these requirements.

AI applied to Predictive Maintenance results in massive amounts of previously uncollected data being drawn and examined in real-time in both peace and active-duty environments.

Leverage the power of big data, AI, and Machine Learning to keep vehicles safe and running efficiently.