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R&D Lab

R&D is at the Core of Preteckt 

Developing next generation AI solutions for emerging vehicle technology, supply chain and urban transportation in the Autonomous Driving, and Alternative Fuel Transportation space, Preteckt’s Research and Development is key to its activities.  We are active in the Electric and Hydrogen vehicle space. 

As an AI and IoT company focused on maintenance, Preteckt has developed strong relationships with internationally recognized universities and obtained a number of research grants of national importance. 

Our Research is focused on increasing vehicle availability, improving vehicle safety, reducing costs, supporting maintenance staff, enabling the future of work, and working with OEMs and Services providers to transition to greener fuels.  Supply Chain and Urban Transportation needs will drive our R&D.

If you would like to explore joint innovation collaboration on new R&D initiatives, reach-out to us, we are always open to discussing new opportunities.