Freedom or Control? Preteckt makes a guest appearance on the MarketScale podcast

Preteckt’s COO Sasha Kucharczyk makes a guest appearance on the Marketscale podcast. In Freedom or Control?: The Autonomous Question with Sasha Kucharczyk, they discus: …the future of AI in automotive repair, the way that autonomous vehicles will change our approach to architecture and urban design, and the struggle between freedom and control that is inherent in the usage of autonomous vehicles. Listen to the full episode on marketscale.

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How Will Maintenance Change With the Autonomous Vehicle

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 18, 2017 at All machines eventually break down. Self-driving vehicles are no exception. Autonomous vehicles pose two problems for the future of vehicles. The removal of the driver means there is no person providing feedback on how the vehicle performs over time. You are removing the point-person who says “something feels wrong, this needs to be checked out.”

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Maintenance & Autonomous Vehicles

Earlier this year Preteckt COO & Cofounder, Sasha Kucharczyk wrote an article for about the major problems with autonomous vehicles. In the piece he breaks down 2 issues and then goes on to explain the role of artificial intelligence in predicting maintenance. Here is a snippet. “The new AI for maintenance The concept of predicting breakdowns is nothing new. People have been using statistics for decades to calculate mean-time-to-failure – it is how the automotive industry came up with replacing parts based on number of miles driven.

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