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Preteckt supports the highest requirements for vehicle availability, readiness and safety – anywhere in the world. 

AI solutions that generate cost savings and improves driver experience

Enlighten your maintenance team with the power of Preteckt. Reduce maintenance costs by catching issues earlier and cheaper. Preteckt’s analytics and diagnostic guidance help improve your technician’s productivity. Performing maintenance at the right time can extend the life of your vehicles, improve uptime and driver experience. Preteckt generates cost savings in excess of $2700 per truck per year.


Generate Savings


Reduce Warranty Costs


Improve Commuter Experience

Better Logistics with Commercialized AI for Maintenance Support

Preteckt has worked with global transportation partners and clients to commercialize it’s proven unique approach to AI-supported predictive maintenance. We have demonstrated that.

We predict failures before they happen to increase vehicle availability, utilize labor resources more effectively, and increase safety, while empowering maintainers to fix it right the first time.

Leverage the power of big data, AI, and Machine Learning to keep vehicles safe and running efficiently.